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„ALL-MED” Medyczny Instytut Badawczy został założony przez prof. dr hab. Marka Jutela w 2006 roku. Centrum leczenia alergii, astmy i szczepień przeciwalergicznych. Opracowaniem oraz wdrażaniem nowych metod diagnostyki, leczenia alergii i innych chorób uwarunkowanych immunologicznie.

ALLEC Allergen Exposure Chamber

ALLEC Allergen Exposure Chamber


The amount of plant pollen allergens or house dust mite particles in the air is subject to significant local, seasonal and daily fluctuations. It is influenced by environmental conditions such as rain, temperature, humidity, wind, or house conditions.

ALLEC Allergen Exposure Chamber allows controlled exposure to allergenic and non-allergenic airborne particles in a confined environment. It provides stability of particle concentration and the environment, including temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, aiming at the reproducibility of symptom induction.

ALLEC have been developed for controlled challenges, ideally mimicking natural exposure in the field. ALLEC allow the investigation of pathological features of respiratory diseases and aids the development of pharmacological treatments and/ or allergen immunotherapy in treating respiratory allergy.

There is a limited number of such facilities worldwide, which differ in size, particle generation, and particle counting manner. European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) recommends standardisation of technical parameters, definition and validation of clinical and statistical parameters, and reproducible dose-response in clinical symptoms.

ALLEC Allergen Exposure Chamber layout